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How to prevent the "I Quit" & Quiet Quitting in your organization
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Dear Leader, Manager, and/or Business Owner,

How has The Great Resignation and the Quiet Quitting movement affected you and your business so far? 

We, as leaders, are experiencing retention and engagement challenges like we have never seen before, but there is a solution. 

And the solution is this- create a company culture where employees want to come to work and do their best. Sound simple?  

It's not, but it can be. You are here, reading this, which means you have found it. 

I have dedicated my career to provide trainings to organizations so that they have the knowledge, tools and implementation to not only survive, but thrive during this Great Resignation.  

I have been trained by Gallup, the global analytics and advice firm that helps leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems.

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies utilize the training because it works. 

So if you are ready to take the guess out of the guessing game and implement the strategy that transforms organizations, schedule a call with me today.  

I'm Christine Minh-Minh Garner, Gallup Global Strengths Coach. I look forward to being of service to you and your business! 
Maximizing Strengths 
Client Testimonials 
"I was so glad to bring in Christine Minh-Minh Garner to train our College of Eastern Idaho Student Services/Affairs staff on StrengthsFinder. The Gallup training and CliftonStrengths coupled with Christine’s exuberance and enthusiasm for the topic really connected with my staff. Christine is engaging and fun. We want to best apply our strengths to maximize our effectiveness. This is really key right now as we are rapidly growing college with limited financial resources. I personally believe in learning how to best leverage resources, staff, and strengths, so we can increase our effectiveness in helping and serving students. StrengthsFinder is not just like any other metric—we all learned so much more about ourselves and, in turn, made considerations on how we can apply our strengths to our workplace environments. At a time when resources are scarce but growth is abundant, it’s important that we know how to best leverage strengths in order to maximize the limited resources. We want to serve students the best way we can, and in the most cost-effective way, and Christine’s training helps us understand better how to use our skills in order to do just that. Christine represents the ideal trainer—she is fun, engaging, grounded in research, and fantastic at maximizing people’s skills for their best potential results." 
Michael Walker, Dean of Student Affairs, College of Eastern Idaho

"Knowing how to develop my talents into strengths is invaluable. Not only is it impactful for me in my career but also in my personal life."
Stacy Butcher, Program & Events Coordinator, Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce

"Christine is a great presenter with the knowledge and experience to help any person or company. Understanding my strengths and how to use them more effectively has already paid off. I highly recommend her training." 
Tyler Price, CEO of Austin Kade Academy

"Having the language to concisely communicate my talents and strengths has been transformative for me in my development as a leader. I highly recommend knowing your strengths so that you can gain a deeper appreciation for yourself and those you work with."
McKayla Matlack, CEO, The Development Workshop

"Since being trained by Christine, we have continued to cultivate a team culture of high engagement where my employees are emotionally invested in the work we do for our clients. Each member of our team knows each other's strengths and we appreciate one another for the value that each member brings. It helps us to know how to work together effectively and efficiently."
Ryan Joos, CEO, Vulpine Marketing

"Christine really brought our talents and strengths to life in this training. We have a deeper understanding of our strengths and how to develop them and confidently use them to serve our community. I highly recommend Christine and the Strengths Based Team Training."
Chip Shwarze, former CEO of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce 

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